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The Quiffster

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Cheshire, England
About me:
Vertically challenged (compared with Jem!), but the quiff helps. Couldn't reach the pedals on the Mantis test drive! (and that was after the pedals were fully back), but the car was sold the second I set eyes on it. I think the Mantis is the most attractive (although not everyone's idea of pretty) body shape I've seen... on a car! It's definitely the Bettie Page of the automotive world; all those curves... Mmmmmm More than a passing interest in music (Rockabilly/Psychobilly), girls, tattoos and one or two cars (Marcos, Evante), although I could never be mistaken for a genuine petrolhead. Pretty straightforward, eh? Definitely not mechanically minded (girls in particular confuse me! But I try...) but probably know someone who is... it's why I started the Marcos Forum! So... ask me anyway!

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My Hobbies

Visiting petrol stations image, Psychobilly/Rockabilly music/gigs, a bit of hockey, running the Marcos Forum and trying to keep my beloved Mantis on the road.

My Occupation

IT (IBM) - I'm a Service Delivery Manager & line manager. It doesn't get me invited to (m)any parties... image

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